The Way Forward for Church & State Partnerships

Let’s be honest – whether you are a social worker, or a member of the faith community, you have at least some reservations about working with “the other side.” Learn from those who have seen great results from these vital partnerships and have lived to tell about it. Hear seasoned veterans talk about initial reservations, […]

The Graduation Approach: Preventing Family Separation

How can you successfully “graduate” families out of extreme material poverty using local approach through savings groups, asset transfer, and business training? Come learn replicable principles that can help keep families together that are at risk of separation due to economic reasons. Please come to hear more about how this approach can be applied to […]

Policy Making from a Christian Perspective (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

To make a lasting impact in an increasingly secular culture, you first need to secure a seat “at the table.” Learn how to build positive relationships at local, regional, national, and even global levels that enable you to take what you do best – and replicate it to make a greater impact. Hear from government […]

Parenting Children & Teens with FASD

Are you an adoptive, foster, or kinship caregiver struggling to raise children or teens who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol? If so, join this interactive discussion for some hope for the journey. Walk away with new connections, knowledge, and tools for a brain-based approach to parenting.

Level Up Your Year-End Fundraising

This workshop is a super practical conversation on how to write effective year-end fundraising appeals. We’ll discuss the tactical stuff that applies to every fundraising email and letter you send (what to say, how and when to say it, mistakes to avoid, key things to get right, etc). No philosophy. No theory. Just a group […]

Healing and Health in God’s Great Outdoors

As a vast array of studies now confirm, time in nature provides a remarkable variety of health benefits. For people seeking to cultivate wellbeing in children, nature offers an unparalleled resource. In this workshop, we’ll explore the Scripture and science that help us see the ways that experiences of nature bring healing and health, along […]

Church Engagement in a Phy-gital (Physical/Digital) World

Partnering with churches is one of the most important strategies of any ministry. A genuine partnership is vital for real progress to occur between the church and a ministry. In this workshop, ideas will be shared by the presenters and participants on best practices of what an honest and open church-ministry partnership looks like and […]