Words Matter: Showing Hope in Our Storytelling

With the ever-changing media landscape amid often-divisive cultural movements, we hold a great responsibility to tether ourselves to words and images that restore hope and healing among the adoption and foster care communities – as well as inspire and educate the larger population. Come learn how to communicate needs in a thoughtfully holistic manner. Be […]

Technology, Children, and Health

Few factors today will impact the health of children more than their relationship with screens and technology. How can we help them – and ourselves – to harness the gifts of technology while avoiding its quicksands? Together, we’ll explore the latest studies on the impact of screen use, distinct means by which technology affects young […]

Partnering for Trauma-Informed Legal Processes

The systems we work in can unintentionally exacerbate a child’s trauma experience, especially when it comes to the legal processes – something that can be especially bewildering to a child. Guiding principles and practical solutions will be shared to understand what trauma-informed legal systems look like and how to advocate for and promote them to […]

More Than Enough: Working Together to Transform Foster Care Where You Live

You are tired of foster care in your community being defined by the words “not enough.” You know it doesn’t have to be that way – but are a little foggy on the way forward. This session will introduce you to the principles, practices, and people of local foster care transformation through the power of […]

Leadership and Life Transitions (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Personal transitions result from age – as well as new ministry or work assignments. Leading an organization through a cultural transition, replacing a long-standing leader, or significant evolution or innovation, will require everyone to adjust. During this session, participants will receive questions to ask, as well as glean insights into practical solutions to manage a […]

Funding Your Adoption in 2022

International and domestic adoption is expensive and costs continue to increase. However, finances should never be a barrier to a family being called to adopt. There are many grants available and fundraising options in 2022. Come hear more from our panel of experts in adoption funding strategies.

Family Placement of Older Children through Mentorships

We all want the children in residential programs to go back to family. However, the reality is that a significant percentage may not have a safe family or extended family option. Mentors offer a means for families to engage these children one-on-one and often leads to placement in the mentor family. Come learn a framework […]

Family Economic Strengthening: Microfinance and Care for Vulnerable Children

Microfinance is a powerful tool that can improve the economic well-being of households and individuals in the Majority World (Asia, Africa, and Latin America). As such, microfinance has the potential to prevent children from becoming orphans, contribute to reuniting children with their birth parents, strengthen foster or adoptive families, and better the lives of former […]