The Art of Starting Well

How we begin a ministry is as important as the ministry itself. Come learn key strategies on how to become a listener in your community to determine where a gap may exist for a work to begin – and how to navigate starting collaboration and partnership with what already exists in your community. We’ll also […]

Surviving Puberty: How Trauma Impacts Sexual Development

What happens in the body and brain of kids going through puberty? Learn to identify “normal sexual acting out” vs. “deviant behaviors.” Puberty in children who have undergone trauma looks different, but it doesn’t have to be alarming. Parents will be given some practical tools to navigate this difficult season.

Preparing Adolescents for Independence

When children age out of care, they are often not equipped for self-sufficiency. This workshop will specifically focus on developing programs to prepare adolescents for successful reintegration into their families and communities of origin. While drawn from programs in international contexts, key principles will carry relevance for serving youth in all settings.

Organizational Health and Wholeperson Care: Can Your Workplace Be Generative?

A healthy workplace starts from the health of the individual team members, and the leadership has the responsibility and privilege to care for the whole person. Haejin is an entrepreneur and lawyer who has led multiple businesses and nonprofit organizations. She will present how a workplace can be a loving, generative space where each team […]

More Than Logos: Lessons from an Unexpected Communications Master

There is enough to do in the day-to-day of triaging communications. It’s hard to take the time to step back and ensure you are telling a cohesive and engaging story about your organization that also honors the people you serve. From your values, to your messaging, to your design approach, having a clear identity is […]

Cultivating the Strength and Character of Black Children in a Multi-Racial Family

Together, we’ll explore how parents can build confidence, faith, and wisdom in their children and teens of a different race – with special focus on black youth. We’ll look at ways we can help our children prepare for the unique gifts and challenges they may encounter as a result of visible differences, how we can […]

Crisis Communications (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

You’re passionate about caring for your mission, team, and the people you serve. And becoming a risk and crisis-aware organization is a crucial way to steward all three. But thinking about potential crises, let alone navigating them when they happen, can feel overwhelming. Join leaders like you to discuss intentional ways of preventing and preparing […]