What Do I Do When Loving My Child Feels Very Hard?

Parenting is hard! And parenting children from hard places and hard stories is even harder. How do we stay sane when our children are driving us insane? How do we love our children when they are not easy to love? How does the Gospel meet us right where we are and give us hope in […]

Using Data to Get to More Than Enough Where You Live

You have the desire to get to more than enough in your community, but how do you know when you are getting there? One of the most important elements of working together in a community towards more than enough is having a shared set of metrics to measure what we are accomplishing. A working group […]

Radical Hospitality: Moving the Needle on Child Welfare Staff Support

What is radical hospitality? Can it really make a difference? Data tells us there is a direct correlation between social worker turnover and the amount of time a child lingers in the system. While community-based support for youth and families in the child welfare system is a major focus of many organizations, an incredibly large […]

Moving Toward Family Solutions: Engaging Key Stakeholders

Do you wonder how to effectively communicate and raise awareness around the family care message with others? Whether you’re a missions leader, orphan care professional, donor, or simply trying to influence your friends and family, discover how to bring others along in your journey to support family care. Learn and discuss what recent surveys, focus […]

HopeConnect: Bringing Healing to Kids through The Hope of God’s Word

Join us as we discuss together how to help parents and caregivers share the Hope of God’s Word with the children in their care. Along with gleaning insights, there will be a special opportunity to experience first-hand a new digital (and trauma-informed) tool designed by leading “More than Enough” foster care experts – specifically for […]

From a “Strategic Plan” to “Strategic PlannING”

Most organizations develop a strategic plan that collects dust for years. This process requires lots of investment, but its impact is hard to measure. Yet there is a way to focus on ONGOING strategic planning: Identifying our priorities that will lead to greater impact and growth – then constantly looking at it over and over. […]

Breaking Cycles in the Continuum of Care

Ministry to the vulnerable is often cyclical in nature. The Gospel has the power to break unhealthy cycles and restore generations. Attendees will hear stories of life change and find ways to engage God’s Church at various moments of potential crisis and vulnerability across the continuum of care.

Beyond Compassion: Trauma-Informed Leadership

Christian leaders are coming to embrace trauma-informed care for the children we serve; but what about those who serve with us? This workshop will present trauma-informed principles for leadership to help your organization transform from giving trauma-informed care to living trauma-informed care.

Beauty & Justice: Kintsugi Journey into New Creation

Kintsugi is a venerable art form that mends broken pottery with precious gold into a more beautiful and valuable whole. Haejin, Co-Founder and CEO of Embers International, and her husband, Mako, a renown contemporary artist, will present the theology and practice of Kintsugi – and how it relates to Jesus’ redemptive work. They will also […]