Unlocking the Power of Orphaned Youth as Leaders instead of Recipients

Too often, orphaned youth living in life-threatening poverty are considered recipients of ministry efforts – and not as active participants, or even leaders. When empowered to take the lead in their own journey out of extreme poverty, these youth achieve miraculous and sustainable results.

Team Spiritual Formation Idea Bank

Fruitful ministry rises foremost from a certain kind of person – individuals and teams that are rooted deep in Christ and draw life daily from Him. How can we best cultivate that life in the teams we lead? In this session, leaders of CAFO member organizations will have the chance to ask, share, and crowdsource […]

Supporting Families: A More Than Enough Big Idea Workshop

If your community is like most, you are losing approximately 50% of the foster families you recruit within the first year. However, there are communities with a MUCH better retention rate than this for one simple reason: they are supporting their families incredibly well. If you want to know what is working and how to […]

Su Albergue Puede Cuidar a los Niños en Familias

En este taller brindaremos una pequeña introducción al movimiento global, los beneficios para los niños, niñas y adolescentes de vivir en familia y la importancia poner en marcha un plan para la ampliación de los servicios que puede ofrecer mi albergue u organización. Estaremos abordando algunos ejemplos y testimonios de organizaciones en Latinoamérica que ya […]

Remaining Missionally Aligned Amidst Ministry Disruption

The landscape of adoption advocacy, youth services, and child welfare work is ever-evolving. Intercountry adoption numbers have steadily declined. Infertility continues to increase. An interest in domestic adoption remains present, but costs associated are on the rise. And we are only beginning to understand the impact COVID-19. As advocacy and support organizations serving a unique […]

Introduction to Fundraising as Ministry

Do you experience fundraising as a joyful calling, or does it feel more like a necessary evil? What if there was a way to raise funds that not only grew your ministry, but also equipped you to help givers to know, love, and serve God more fully? What if you could experience fundraising as a […]

Into the Light: Hope for Healing from Sexual Abuse

How can you walk beside kids and families through the impacts of sexual abuse? Let’s discuss tools and strategies that can be used to support the healing journey, and most importantly, a sense of hope! Hear the candid perspective of a young man who has experienced and healed from sexual abuse, alongside his adoptive parent […]

How Parents Can Effectively Coach & Care for Families in Crisis

Research shows that parents who have follow-up coaching after training have an increased sense of hope for implementing new skills. Many parents feel overwhelmed by training, especially if it is a new way of seeing their children’s behaviors – and a new way to parent them. Learn to apply a step-by-step, hands-on approach to trauma-informed […]

Good Grief: How to See Grief as a Gift

Heartache is a prerequisite for those of us on the foster/adoption journey, but it doesn’t need to define us, and it certainly doesn’t deserve the final word in our story. Come be part of this conversation with two adoptees (who are now adoptive moms!) who know grief first-hand and consider it a friend.