Workplace Culture: Speak it, Craft it, Multiply it

Leaders are 100% responsible for shaping the culture within their organizations, but often times many leaders do not put the time or energy into doing so. Why not? Because it is hard and continuous work. When done well though, a strong culture drives employee morale, lowers turnover, and leads to great outcomes for children and […]

Supporting Mothers, Fathers, and Children in a Post-Roe v. Wade World

The recent Supreme Court Dobbs decision ended Roe v. Wade and began an era that almost certainly will include fresh needs and opportunities to serve children who would have been aborted and now won’t — as well as their mothers and fathers. How can churches, organizations, and individuals rise to the occasion? Learn from organizations […]

Marketing on Purpose with an Annual Marketing Roadmap

Do you know what you should be doing today to confidently reach your marketing goals at the end of the year? What elements do you need to include in your marketing plan with intentionality and how can you cut out the fluff? Learn the essential ingredients you need to define a clear, actionable 12-month marketing […]

Cultivating a Co-Missional Marriage

Come join the Guckenbergers, married 25 years and parents to 11 children (adopted, foster, and biological), as they share their cautionary tales and best practices for a marriage to thrive. Beth and Todd co-lead Back2Back Ministries and have lived internationally for 15 years. It is not for a PG audience, as they will talk openly […]

Caretaker Self-Care

How can you successfully integrate mental health science with faith in Christ in order to improve self-care for caretakers? Come ready to learn and discuss practical evidence-based approaches and timeless Biblical truths. Bring your questions!

Building a Better Board

What if your board of directors was one of your greatest assets and solution generators? A board should not only support the work your church or organization does, but help implement fresh ideas through healthy challenges that stem from their own expertise and experiences. See how building a board culture focused on innovation and honest […]

Bridges to Adulthood: Success Strategies for Aging Out Youth (US & Global)

In this fast-paced interactive strategy session, we will examine the five core elements of the Alliance’s Aging Out Initiative’s “Bridge” to successful, Christ-honoring transitions to adulthood for youth aging out of the U.S. foster system and global orphan care. See proven models and case studies, explore the data, hear from frontline experts, and share your […]

BIG IDEAS for Growing the Foster Care Ministry in Your Church

You want your church to have a thriving and effective foster care ministry, but it all seems a bit overwhelming. You could use a little clarity about the next steps you should take. Whether you are just starting out, or have been at it for years, this workshop is created to give you that clarity. […]

10 Principles for Effective Family Strengthening

We know that children belong in families, but the reality of our broken world is that millions of children live apart from family care. Frequently, families are not able to care for their children unaided, but would be able to do so with support. This can both prevent children from being separated from their families, […]