Create a Custom Battle Plan with Strategic Prayer Integration (Coaching Table)

Would you like personalized coaching for building a strategy plan for prayer within your ministry? Do you desire to empower your team, support team, and/or family with ongoing plan implementation support? Join us – this is the place for you! (While attendance at the previous Better Together Room is encouraged, it is not required.)

Pray for Ukraine

You are invited to a special time of prayer for the children and families of Ukraine. This will also be an opportunity for the connection of ministries, churches, and individuals serving in Ukraine.

How Can Orphan Sunday Help My Community to be Better Together? (Coaching Table)

Are you hoping to guide your local church or organization to become an integral part of a global community caring for children and families? Are you an experienced Orphan Sunday Coordinator seeking the best ways to move forward into a year-round commitment to serve the most vulnerable in our midst? Join us and speak to […]

Create a Strong Government Relations Strategy (Coaching Table)

Create a plan to effectively approach state and local governments to advocate, effect change, and move your organization’s mission forward. The Buckner International Government Relations Team will lead you through their top 10 priorities in creating a strong government relations strategy.

Connecting Discipleship & Leadership Development (Coaching Table)

Balancing between being a disciple, and discipling others, can be overwhelming. Join this small group as we explore common challenges and practical approaches.  Receive practical tools to plan, connect, and follow spiritual growth and leadership development for your staff.

Capture Solutions and Success – Communicate with Strength-Based Questions

A good beginning leads to a good ending. The opposite is also true – a “bad beginning is hard to turn around to a good ending!” Come ready to build a pattern of communication to move into a solution oriented environment with mission critical outcomes. We will practice scenarios together in this interactive setting. SBSF […]

Communications Staff Gathering

Join us to connect with other communications staff, learn from each other, and explore the biggest opportunities and challenges we’re all facing in our work. Through facilitated table discussion and group Q&A, leave with relationships and ideas to help you move forward in telling the story of what God is doing through your work.

How to Tell Stories of Hope and Grief in a World that’s Not OK

The headlines continue to battle for attention. The orphaned and vulnerable continue to bear the brunt of it all – a global pandemic, war, natural disasters, political upheaval, economic fragility, abuse, violence, and neglect. And we continue to reshape and refocus our response to provide care in ways that are meaningful, purposeful, and (hopefully) sustainable. […]

Crisis Response: Balancing Transparency, Compassion, and Self-Defense

A serious injury or abuse claim is every organization’s nightmare, but one that can become all too real in today’s litigious culture. Fortunately, you can plan ahead for many problems. Come learn and share important principles for responding to crises with compassion and transparency while still defending your organization and maintaining its reputation.