Engaging Older Adults in Your Mission: Understanding and Attracting those 55+

Christ-followers in or approaching retirement age are the largest untapped volunteer base for ministry today. But it’s critical to understand the needs, interests and perspectives of older adults if you want to engage them in your mission. Through a variety of research and resources, this workshop is designed to help you develop better ways of […]

Furthering Your Mission Through Better Storytelling

Come and learn some basic ideas that can help elevate your organization’s content or even your personal advocacy. Learn what kinds of stories will communicate and connect with your donors or audience, and how to identify those stories within your organization. Discover ways to avoid obstacles such as vague & irrelevant content or poor formatting. […]

Words Matter: Showing Hope in Our Storytelling

With the ever-changing media landscape amid often-divisive cultural movements, we hold a great responsibility to tether ourselves to words and images that restore hope and healing among the adoption and foster care communities – as well as inspire and educate the larger population. Come learn how to communicate needs in a thoughtfully holistic manner. Be […]

Supporting Mothers, Fathers, and Children in a Post-Roe v. Wade World

The recent Supreme Court Dobbs decision ended Roe v. Wade and began an era that almost certainly will include fresh needs and opportunities to serve children who would have been aborted and now won’t — as well as their mothers and fathers. How can churches, organizations, and individuals rise to the occasion? Learn from organizations […]

Policy Making from a Christian Perspective (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

To make a lasting impact in an increasingly secular culture, you first need to secure a seat “at the table.” Learn how to build positive relationships at local, regional, national, and even global levels that enable you to take what you do best – and replicate it to make a greater impact. Hear from government […]

More Than Logos: Lessons from an Unexpected Communications Master

There is enough to do in the day-to-day of triaging communications. It’s hard to take the time to step back and ensure you are telling a cohesive and engaging story about your organization that also honors the people you serve. From your values, to your messaging, to your design approach, having a clear identity is […]

Marketing on Purpose with an Annual Marketing Roadmap

Do you know what you should be doing today to confidently reach your marketing goals at the end of the year? What elements do you need to include in your marketing plan with intentionality and how can you cut out the fluff? Learn the essential ingredients you need to define a clear, actionable 12-month marketing […]

How Parents Can Effectively Coach & Care for Families in Crisis

Research shows that parents who have follow-up coaching after training have an increased sense of hope for implementing new skills. Many parents feel overwhelmed by training, especially if it is a new way of seeing their children’s behaviors – and a new way to parent them. Learn to apply a step-by-step, hands-on approach to trauma-informed […]

Crisis Communications (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

You’re passionate about caring for your mission, team, and the people you serve. And becoming a risk and crisis-aware organization is a crucial way to steward all three. But thinking about potential crises, let alone navigating them when they happen, can feel overwhelming. Join leaders like you to discuss intentional ways of preventing and preparing […]