Pray for Ukraine

You are invited to a special time of prayer for the children and families of Ukraine. This will also be an opportunity for the connection of ministries, churches, and individuals serving in Ukraine.

Experience Healing From Trauma Through Prayer

This opportunity for healing prayer is open to attendees of the Healing From Trauma Through Prayer workshop.  Attendees will have the opportunity to put into practice the teaching from the previous session – experiencing healing prayer that brings freedom and release.

Why Don’t You Just Act Your Age? How to Understand the Teenagers You Love

Let’s learn and practice together how to best meet the needs of our teens. We will explore practical strategies to help us reconnect with our teens or tweens, understand the “why” behind their behavior, and recreate the important developmental milestones they may have missed. You’ll gain valuable insights about the difference between your teens’ developmental […]

Radical Collaboration for Radical Impact

There is a lot of talk about collaboration and allusions to the power of collaboration, but we rarely stop and actually analyze what we mean by collaboration or strategize how to leverage collaborative opportunities. Worse yet, we often equate collaboration to merely talking with others. Collaboration is so much more than that!  As a social […]

Creating Collaborative Communities: Strategic Conversations with Global Leaders

CAFO’s Global Network unites 50+ locally-led church-centered networks around the world that develop local collaborative communities to effectively care for vulnerable children and families. Join an open discussion with network leaders from around the world to consider how your own international ministry teams and services may work in collaboration with local churches, NGOs, and public […]

Better Together: A Global Vision

Join this open discussion with the Global Network team and selected global leaders. We will discuss how your church or organization may learn and serve alongside a global network and CAFO, as together we strive to accomplish this vision. Members of the CAFO Global Network are united around a common global vision of every child […]

Capture Solutions and Success – Communicate with Strength-Based Questions

A good beginning leads to a good ending. The opposite is also true – a “bad beginning is hard to turn around to a good ending!” Come ready to build a pattern of communication to move into a solution oriented environment with mission critical outcomes. We will practice scenarios together in this interactive setting. SBSF […]

The Way Forward for Church Engagement and Fundraising Alignment for Non-Profit Leaders

The intersection of church engagement and fundraising can be both incredibly rewarding and complexly nuanced. You are “for” the church – bringing resourcing, guidance, and encouragement. But, you also need “from” them – financial support. If you are on staff at an organization and find your role teetering between this “for” and “from,” then join […]