Policy Making from a Christian Perspective (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

To make a lasting impact in an increasingly secular culture, you first need to secure a seat “at the table.” Learn how to build positive relationships at local, regional, national, and even global levels that enable you to take what you do best – and replicate it to make a greater impact. Hear from government […]

Leadership and Life Transitions (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Personal transitions result from age – as well as new ministry or work assignments. Leading an organization through a cultural transition, replacing a long-standing leader, or significant evolution or innovation, will require everyone to adjust. During this session, participants will receive questions to ask, as well as glean insights into practical solutions to manage a […]

Crisis Communications (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

You’re passionate about caring for your mission, team, and the people you serve. And becoming a risk and crisis-aware organization is a crucial way to steward all three. But thinking about potential crises, let alone navigating them when they happen, can feel overwhelming. Join leaders like you to discuss intentional ways of preventing and preparing […]

Addressing Difficult Social Issues with Courage, Conviction, and Kindness (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

In an increasingly post-Christian culture, can an organization hold fast to age-old Christian commitments while also modeling warmth and welcome? Absolutely. Toward that end, this discussion-centered workshop will start with a practical framework for organizing our partnerships, policies, and personnel. We’ll then share and discuss challenges we’re facing and solutions we’re finding for the road […]