Create a Custom Battle Plan with Strategic Prayer Integration (Coaching Table)

Would you like personalized coaching for building a strategy plan for prayer within your ministry? Do you desire to empower your team, support team, and/or family with ongoing plan implementation support? Join us – this is the place for you! (While attendance at the previous Better Together Room is encouraged, it is not required.)

Help to Form Learning Communities to Promote Family-Based Care (Coaching Table)

Do you attend conferences, training sessions, and/or meetings and leave frustrated – having been bombarded with information with no time to process? Or become frustrated in the months to come when nothing changes? A learning community approach can transform impact by creating an action-orientated, accountability-rich group that is committed to learning together (from experts and […]

Donor Transition and Fundraising for Change (Coaching Table)

Good work cannot happen without stable funding. When you’re planning to transition your model of care, it can feel overwhelming. This coaching table is for child care institutions that want to successfully transition to a family-based model and bring their donors along on the journey.

Working with an Executive Recruiter (Coaching Table)

Hiring top-level leaders in today’s post-Covid job market can be more challenging than ever. Have you ever thought about working with a faith-based executive recruiting firm? Join us to learn more and get your questions answered!

Solving Your Adoption Travel Needs (Coaching Table)

Join this one-stop-shop for your adoption travel questions!  You’ll receive tools for your upcoming travel and learn how to best prepare for every scenario.  Don’t let daunting travel requirements hinder your plans!  We’re here to help.

How Can Orphan Sunday Help My Community to be Better Together? (Coaching Table)

Are you hoping to guide your local church or organization to become an integral part of a global community caring for children and families? Are you an experienced Orphan Sunday Coordinator seeking the best ways to move forward into a year-round commitment to serve the most vulnerable in our midst? Join us and speak to […]