The Attachment Repairing Treatment Model

The Family Simulation Model clinically addresses the mental health and behavioral needs of foster care‘s most vulnerable children, while attuning to the child’s attachment, environmental, and sensory needs.  Come learn how attachment repairing modalities and activities can be organically infused into the daily routines of each child. Walk away with new ideas to restore hope […]

Supporting Physiological Needs Through TBRI®

Trust Based Relational Intervention® is based in attachment theory, neuroscience, and the Neurosequential Model. By bringing these three things together we have created a unique way of meeting the needs of children and creating environments where healing and growth can occur. Join us as we discuss the practical ways to help children’s brains and bodies […]

Responding to Attachment Needs through TBRI®

By understanding attachment and the patterns it creates both in us, as well as those we serve, we can create healing environments. Join us as we dive into the four skills of secure attachment and talk about the research-based methods for creating environments that help heal attachment wounds. We will also begin to look at […]

Furthering Your Mission Through Better Storytelling

Come and learn some basic ideas that can help elevate your organization’s content or even your personal advocacy. Learn what kinds of stories will communicate and connect with your donors or audience, and how to identify those stories within your organization. Discover ways to avoid obstacles such as vague & irrelevant content or poor formatting. […]

Effective Mentoring: Making it Work in Your Ministry

Every youth needs a mentor. Many receive mentoring through family, school, or church. Our most vulnerable youth never receive the extra adult attention that can help them thrive. Effective mentoring requires adherence to best practices so that the program is safe, effective, and sustainable. Many churches and nonprofit ministries have incorporated mentoring into their programing […]

Supporting Children and Families Before Foster Care, to Prevent Foster Care

How do we help solve problems for vulnerable children and families before they turn into bigger problems? What social, generational and cyclical issues can we address that would help prevent families from finding themselves further down the stream of the child welfare system? Come explore practical principles and solutions for engaging with vulnerable families before […]

Gather: Instructors, Trainers, & Online Learning Coaches

We believe learning best happens when content is shared alongside connection and relationship, but over the past two years many of us have had to pivot in-person trainings to online formats. Bring your ideas, questions, and struggles around virtual instruction and connect with others doing the same.

Shepherding and Serving Low Income Communities Well

Join pastors and ministry leaders from low-income communities as they share how to build partnerships within communities to improve outcomes for low-income families. Hear their lived experiences and first-hand knowledge of how to shepherd multicultural ministries with deep roots in their communities – utilizing effective outreach services. Learn relevant data and engage in a powerful […]