Help to Form Learning Communities to Promote Family-Based Care (Coaching Table)

Do you attend conferences, training sessions, and/or meetings and leave frustrated – having been bombarded with information with no time to process? Or become frustrated in the months to come when nothing changes? A learning community approach can transform impact by creating an action-orientated, accountability-rich group that is committed to learning together (from experts and […]

Malnutrition & Care Reform: Support Reintegration by Improving Nutrition and Feeding Skills

Proper nutrition, safe feeding, and nurturing care in early childhood lay the foundation for lifelong well-being. Children in alternative care can be adversely impacted by both disability and trauma. Trauma-informed feeding, nutritional skill training, and growth monitoring are essential components in family strengthening efforts. Learn how mindful care, and simple changes to a child’s feeding […]

Pray for Ukraine

You are invited to a special time of prayer for the children and families of Ukraine. This will also be an opportunity for the connection of ministries, churches, and individuals serving in Ukraine.

Strong Family: Key to a Strong Child

The family is an essential key in mitigating stress for children – and the time is critical for the Christian community to come together in support of the family. Join us as we share effective and proven strengthening tools for churches and FBOs to use with the families in their community. Let’s help them be […]

The Enduring Value of Supportive Relationships for Youth Transitioning Out of Care

Young people who age out of alternative care – widely termed care-leavers – face numerous challenges as they transition into young adulthood. However, many do better than expected. Longitudinal research reveals that supportive relationships are prominent among the resilience processes that facilitate their transition. These relationships, which can be nurtured while they are still in […]

Supporting Physiological Needs Through TBRI®

Trust Based Relational Intervention® is based in attachment theory, neuroscience, and the Neurosequential Model. By bringing these three things together we have created a unique way of meeting the needs of children and creating environments where healing and growth can occur. Join us as we discuss the practical ways to help children’s brains and bodies […]

Responding to Attachment Needs through TBRI®

By understanding attachment and the patterns it creates both in us, as well as those we serve, we can create healing environments. Join us as we dive into the four skills of secure attachment and talk about the research-based methods for creating environments that help heal attachment wounds. We will also begin to look at […]