Malnutrition & Care Reform: Support Reintegration by Improving Nutrition and Feeding Skills

Proper nutrition, safe feeding, and nurturing care in early childhood lay the foundation for lifelong well-being. Children in alternative care can be adversely impacted by both disability and trauma. Trauma-informed feeding, nutritional skill training, and growth monitoring are essential components in family strengthening efforts. Learn how mindful care, and simple changes to a child’s feeding […]

Family Means that Everyone Matters

Many foster, adoptive, and kinship parents feel guilty about the impact of this calling on the other children in their home. It is easy to pour all positive and negative attention in one direction, while the rest of the family suffers, including the caregivers. Whether it’s time for our marriage, other children, hobbies, or friendships, […]

Parenting Teens from Hard Places

An honest and hopeful conversation about the challenges and victories experienced in a family with fostered/adopted teens. Beth and her husband, Todd, have fostered teenage girls for more than a decade and four of their adoptions were of children aged 12, 15, 15, 17… This is a room where people will get you. We’ll explore […]

The Graduation Approach: Preventing Family Separation

How can you successfully “graduate” families out of extreme material poverty using local approach through savings groups, asset transfer, and business training? Come learn replicable principles that can help keep families together that are at risk of separation due to economic reasons. Please come to hear more about how this approach can be applied to […]

Shepherding and Serving Low Income Communities Well

Join pastors and ministry leaders from low-income communities as they share how to build partnerships within communities to improve outcomes for low-income families. Hear their lived experiences and first-hand knowledge of how to shepherd multicultural ministries with deep roots in their communities – utilizing effective outreach services. Learn relevant data and engage in a powerful […]

Family Economic Strengthening: Microfinance and Care for Vulnerable Children

Microfinance is a powerful tool that can improve the economic well-being of households and individuals in the Majority World (Asia, Africa, and Latin America). As such, microfinance has the potential to prevent children from becoming orphans, contribute to reuniting children with their birth parents, strengthen foster or adoptive families, and better the lives of former […]

Cultivating Healthy Parenting for Families Around the World

Enabling positive, healthy parenting reduces violence against children. Find out how you can join with thousands of churches around the world who are leading the way in providing simple and effective evidence-based parenting programs – both in person and digitally.