Donor Transition and Fundraising for Change (Coaching Table)

Good work cannot happen without stable funding. When you’re planning to transition your model of care, it can feel overwhelming. This coaching table is for child care institutions that want to successfully transition to a family-based model and bring their donors along on the journey.

The Way Forward for Church Engagement and Fundraising Alignment for Non-Profit Leaders

The intersection of church engagement and fundraising can be both incredibly rewarding and complexly nuanced. You are “for” the church – bringing resourcing, guidance, and encouragement. But, you also need “from” them – financial support. If you are on staff at an organization and find your role teetering between this “for” and “from,” then join […]

What Can You Learn about Fundraising from Chick-Fil-A?

Chick-fil-A is a leader in customer loyalty and revenue per store. The same business principles can help you achieve loyalty and connection with your donors. Walk away from this session with practical ideas you can apply to improve donor engagement and long-term revenue.

Level Up Your Year-End Fundraising

This workshop is a super practical conversation on how to write effective year-end fundraising appeals. We’ll discuss the tactical stuff that applies to every fundraising email and letter you send (what to say, how and when to say it, mistakes to avoid, key things to get right, etc). No philosophy. No theory. Just a group […]

Introduction to Fundraising as Ministry

Do you experience fundraising as a joyful calling, or does it feel more like a necessary evil? What if there was a way to raise funds that not only grew your ministry, but also equipped you to help givers to know, love, and serve God more fully? What if you could experience fundraising as a […]

Funding Your Adoption in 2022

International and domestic adoption is expensive and costs continue to increase. However, finances should never be a barrier to a family being called to adopt. There are many grants available and fundraising options in 2022. Come hear more from our panel of experts in adoption funding strategies.

Clarify Your Message in 4 Simple Steps

Can you clearly answer the question, “Why should I give to your nonprofit?” in 30 seconds or less? Leave this session with a simple framework to help you quickly describe the work you do in an emotionally compelling way that tells givers why they should consider investing in your work.