Why Don’t You Just Act Your Age? How to Understand the Teenagers You Love

Let’s learn and practice together how to best meet the needs of our teens. We will explore practical strategies to help us reconnect with our teens or tweens, understand the “why” behind their behavior, and recreate the important developmental milestones they may have missed. You’ll gain valuable insights about the difference between your teens’ developmental […]

The Attachment Repairing Treatment Model

The Family Simulation Model clinically addresses the mental health and behavioral needs of foster care‘s most vulnerable children, while attuning to the child’s attachment, environmental, and sensory needs.  Come learn how attachment repairing modalities and activities can be organically infused into the daily routines of each child. Walk away with new ideas to restore hope […]

Supporting Physiological Needs Through TBRI®

Trust Based Relational Intervention® is based in attachment theory, neuroscience, and the Neurosequential Model. By bringing these three things together we have created a unique way of meeting the needs of children and creating environments where healing and growth can occur. Join us as we discuss the practical ways to help children’s brains and bodies […]

Solving Your Adoption Travel Needs (Coaching Table)

Join this one-stop-shop for your adoption travel questions!  You’ll receive tools for your upcoming travel and learn how to best prepare for every scenario.  Don’t let daunting travel requirements hinder your plans!  We’re here to help.

Responding to Attachment Needs through TBRI®

By understanding attachment and the patterns it creates both in us, as well as those we serve, we can create healing environments. Join us as we dive into the four skills of secure attachment and talk about the research-based methods for creating environments that help heal attachment wounds. We will also begin to look at […]

Conversations with Adult Adoptees & Foster Alum

Bring your burning questions as these wise voices discuss honest experiences of living as an adopted person or in foster care. Consider everyday scenarios including living in a multi-cultural family, dealing with loss, answering “those” questions, and much more. Leave encouraged and equipped to build strong families who face challenges and opportunities together.

Calm Out of Chaos, Building Better Birth Parent Relationships

The relationship between a foster/adoptive parent and a birth parent can have a critical impact in the life of a child. In this workshop, we will examine briefly what the data tells us about a child’s on-going relationship with their birth parent. We will hear stories from foster and adoptive parents about their experience building […]