Family Means that Everyone Matters

Many foster, adoptive, and kinship parents feel guilty about the impact of this calling on the other children in their home. It is easy to pour all positive and negative attention in one direction, while the rest of the family suffers, including the caregivers. Whether it’s time for our marriage, other children, hobbies, or friendships, […]

Parenting Teens from Hard Places

An honest and hopeful conversation about the challenges and victories experienced in a family with fostered/adopted teens. Beth and her husband, Todd, have fostered teenage girls for more than a decade and four of their adoptions were of children aged 12, 15, 15, 17… This is a room where people will get you. We’ll explore […]

Glory: Suffering and the Neuroplasticity of Hope

Our encounter with suffering has many sources – not least of which is ourselves. Moreover, some of our suffering will endure throughout our entire lives. How is it possible for us to discover hope in the face of suffering, and how does the research of neuroplasticity point us in that direction? With Romans 5:1-5 as […]

Identity & Mission: An Adoptee & Foster Alum Conversation

Join others with similar lived experiences for this rich guided conversation on topics of identity, calling, and community. Walk away with new relationships, encouragement, and ideas on how to use our stories to make a difference. (For adoptees and foster alum only.)

Motherhood and Ministry

Join us for a conversation amongst mothers in ministry about the challenges we all face while trying to run both races well – all while battling the juggle of “mom guilt” and “work guilt.” We will talk through the hard, the funny, and some strategies we have found to encourage as you continue moving forward […]

Healing From Trauma Through Prayer

Jesus came to bind up the broken hearted and to set the captives free! Learn how to pray for your children and family, for freedom and release through prayer, from the impact of childhood wounding. This workshop will help equip you to pray for inner healing and release for issues of childhood trauma, wounding, freedom […]

How to Talk with Your Children (& Curious Others) about Adoption

Adopted children must be able to inquire and talk with their parents about their adoption, birth parents, ethnicity, and race at any time. Creating this lifelong comfortable and safe atmosphere is a paramount adoption parenting task — yet one that leaves most parents feeling nervous or unequipped. Throw in curious questions and comments from well-meaning […]

How to Make the Adoption Tax Credit Work for You (Coaching Table)

The Adoption Tax Credit is one of the most misunderstood credits in the IRS code. It is one of the largest credits that many don’t even know exists. Come learn all the aspects of making it work for you – from qualifications, to timing, to how it works on your tax return. We can help […]

Words Matter: Showing Hope in Our Storytelling

With the ever-changing media landscape amid often-divisive cultural movements, we hold a great responsibility to tether ourselves to words and images that restore hope and healing among the adoption and foster care communities – as well as inspire and educate the larger population. Come learn how to communicate needs in a thoughtfully holistic manner. Be […]