Made to Connect: Building Effective Children’s Ministries

Children’s Ministry is one of the most vital ministries of any church. This workshop will help ministry leaders understand childhood trauma and create a plan of action to empower their leaders and volunteers to serve the kids in their care better.

The Way Forward for Church Engagement and Fundraising Alignment for Non-Profit Leaders

The intersection of church engagement and fundraising can be both incredibly rewarding and complexly nuanced. You are “for” the church – bringing resourcing, guidance, and encouragement. But, you also need “from” them – financial support. If you are on staff at an organization and find your role teetering between this “for” and “from,” then join […]

The Way Forward for Church + Non-Profit Partnerships

We all believe in the power of the local Church. We also understand the need for parachurch organizations. Healthy partnerships between these two are not merely aspirational. This session will outline key pillars for generous, mutually respectful, and supportive relationships through which congregations and nonprofit ministries can accomplish more together than they could alone. If […]

Idea Exchange: How Bridge Orgs/Local Networks Can Offer Ministry Training to Local Churches

Gather with other organizational, bridge ministry, and local network leaders who want to dive deeper in conversations about training and equipping churches. Discuss strategies and ideas for working with churches and church leaders to build more effective foster care and trauma informed ministries. If your work involves church engagement, equipping, and mobilizing – this space […]

Effective Mentoring: Making it Work in Your Ministry

Every youth needs a mentor. Many receive mentoring through family, school, or church. Our most vulnerable youth never receive the extra adult attention that can help them thrive. Effective mentoring requires adherence to best practices so that the program is safe, effective, and sustainable. Many churches and nonprofit ministries have incorporated mentoring into their programing […]

Supporting Children and Families Before Foster Care, to Prevent Foster Care

How do we help solve problems for vulnerable children and families before they turn into bigger problems? What social, generational and cyclical issues can we address that would help prevent families from finding themselves further down the stream of the child welfare system? Come explore practical principles and solutions for engaging with vulnerable families before […]