Create a Custom Battle Plan with Strategic Prayer Integration (Coaching Table)

Would you like personalized coaching for building a strategy plan for prayer within your ministry? Do you desire to empower your team, support team, and/or family with ongoing plan implementation support? Join us – this is the place for you! (While attendance at the previous Better Together Room is encouraged, it is not required.)

Made to Connect: Building Effective Children’s Ministries

Children’s Ministry is one of the most vital ministries of any church. This workshop will help ministry leaders understand childhood trauma and create a plan of action to empower their leaders and volunteers to serve the kids in their care better.

The Way Forward for Church + Non-Profit Partnerships

We all believe in the power of the local Church. We also understand the need for parachurch organizations. Healthy partnerships between these two are not merely aspirational. This session will outline key pillars for generous, mutually respectful, and supportive relationships through which congregations and nonprofit ministries can accomplish more together than they could alone. If […]

Words Matter: Showing Hope in Our Storytelling

With the ever-changing media landscape amid often-divisive cultural movements, we hold a great responsibility to tether ourselves to words and images that restore hope and healing among the adoption and foster care communities – as well as inspire and educate the larger population. Come learn how to communicate needs in a thoughtfully holistic manner. Be […]