Resilience – The Convergence of Science and Scripture for Parents and Caregivers

We have all heard about the impact of trauma and adverse experiences. This session will discuss what science and the Bible reveal about cultivating resilience to help children and teens overcome. By building upon the hard places, science demonstrates that children can become strong and resilient. By creating opportunities for parents and caregivers to press […]

Parenting Children & Teens with FASD

Are you an adoptive, foster, or kinship caregiver struggling to raise children or teens who have been prenatally exposed to alcohol? If so, join this interactive discussion for some hope for the journey. Walk away with new connections, knowledge, and tools for a brain-based approach to parenting.

Attachment After Adversity: Building Resilience Through Relationship

For most children and youth outside of parental care, or with a history of maltreatment, adversity has been a regular part of life. As individuals dedicated to serving at-risk children and families, we can learn how to build resilience – or the ability to overcome obstacles – through relationships. In addition to a focus on […]