Donor Transition and Fundraising for Change (Coaching Table)

Good work cannot happen without stable funding. When you’re planning to transition your model of care, it can feel overwhelming. This coaching table is for child care institutions that want to successfully transition to a family-based model and bring their donors along on the journey.

Working with an Executive Recruiter (Coaching Table)

Hiring top-level leaders in today’s post-Covid job market can be more challenging than ever. Have you ever thought about working with a faith-based executive recruiting firm? Join us to learn more and get your questions answered!

Create a Strong Government Relations Strategy (Coaching Table)

Create a plan to effectively approach state and local governments to advocate, effect change, and move your organization’s mission forward. The Buckner International Government Relations Team will lead you through their top 10 priorities in creating a strong government relations strategy.

Connecting Discipleship & Leadership Development (Coaching Table)

Balancing between being a disciple, and discipling others, can be overwhelming. Join this small group as we explore common challenges and practical approaches.  Receive practical tools to plan, connect, and follow spiritual growth and leadership development for your staff.

The Way Forward for Church Engagement and Fundraising Alignment for Non-Profit Leaders

The intersection of church engagement and fundraising can be both incredibly rewarding and complexly nuanced. You are “for” the church – bringing resourcing, guidance, and encouragement. But, you also need “from” them – financial support. If you are on staff at an organization and find your role teetering between this “for” and “from,” then join […]

The Way Forward for Church + Non-Profit Partnerships

We all believe in the power of the local Church. We also understand the need for parachurch organizations. Healthy partnerships between these two are not merely aspirational. This session will outline key pillars for generous, mutually respectful, and supportive relationships through which congregations and nonprofit ministries can accomplish more together than they could alone. If […]

Communications Staff Gathering

Join us to connect with other communications staff, learn from each other, and explore the biggest opportunities and challenges we’re all facing in our work. Through facilitated table discussion and group Q&A, leave with relationships and ideas to help you move forward in telling the story of what God is doing through your work.