Malnutrition & Care Reform: Support Reintegration by Improving Nutrition and Feeding Skills

Proper nutrition, safe feeding, and nurturing care in early childhood lay the foundation for lifelong well-being. Children in alternative care can be adversely impacted by both disability and trauma. Trauma-informed feeding, nutritional skill training, and growth monitoring are essential components in family strengthening efforts. Learn how mindful care, and simple changes to a child’s feeding […]

Motherhood and Ministry

Join us for a conversation amongst mothers in ministry about the challenges we all face while trying to run both races well – all while battling the juggle of “mom guilt” and “work guilt.” We will talk through the hard, the funny, and some strategies we have found to encourage as you continue moving forward […]

Technology, Children, and Health

Few factors today will impact the health of children more than their relationship with screens and technology. How can we help them – and ourselves – to harness the gifts of technology while avoiding its quicksands? Together, we’ll explore the latest studies on the impact of screen use, distinct means by which technology affects young […]

Cultivating a Co-Missional Marriage

Come join the Guckenbergers, married 25 years and parents to 11 children (adopted, foster, and biological), as they share their cautionary tales and best practices for a marriage to thrive. Beth and Todd co-lead Back2Back Ministries and have lived internationally for 15 years. It is not for a PG audience, as they will talk openly […]