Create a Custom Battle Plan with Strategic Prayer Integration (Coaching Table)

Would you like personalized coaching for building a strategy plan for prayer within your ministry? Do you desire to empower your team, support team, and/or family with ongoing plan implementation support? Join us – this is the place for you! (While attendance at the previous Better Together Room is encouraged, it is not required.)

Experience Healing From Trauma Through Prayer

This opportunity for healing prayer is open to attendees of the Healing From Trauma Through Prayer workshop.  Attendees will have the opportunity to put into practice the teaching from the previous session – experiencing healing prayer that brings freedom and release.

Healing From Trauma Through Prayer

Jesus came to bind up the broken hearted and to set the captives free! Learn how to pray for your children and family, for freedom and release through prayer, from the impact of childhood wounding. This workshop will help equip you to pray for inner healing and release for issues of childhood trauma, wounding, freedom […]

Team Spiritual Formation Idea Bank

Fruitful ministry rises foremost from a certain kind of person – individuals and teams that are rooted deep in Christ and draw life daily from Him. How can we best cultivate that life in the teams we lead? In this session, leaders of CAFO member organizations will have the chance to ask, share, and crowdsource […]

Organizational Health and Wholeperson Care: Can Your Workplace Be Generative?

A healthy workplace starts from the health of the individual team members, and the leadership has the responsibility and privilege to care for the whole person. Haejin is an entrepreneur and lawyer who has led multiple businesses and nonprofit organizations. She will present how a workplace can be a loving, generative space where each team […]

Healing and Health in God’s Great Outdoors

As a vast array of studies now confirm, time in nature provides a remarkable variety of health benefits. For people seeking to cultivate wellbeing in children, nature offers an unparalleled resource. In this workshop, we’ll explore the Scripture and science that help us see the ways that experiences of nature bring healing and health, along […]

Good Grief: How to See Grief as a Gift

Heartache is a prerequisite for those of us on the foster/adoption journey, but it doesn’t need to define us, and it certainly doesn’t deserve the final word in our story. Come be part of this conversation with two adoptees (who are now adoptive moms!) who know grief first-hand and consider it a friend.

Caretaker Self-Care

How can you successfully integrate mental health science with faith in Christ in order to improve self-care for caretakers? Come ready to learn and discuss practical evidence-based approaches and timeless Biblical truths. Bring your questions!

Beauty & Justice: Kintsugi Journey into New Creation

Kintsugi is a venerable art form that mends broken pottery with precious gold into a more beautiful and valuable whole. Haejin, Co-Founder and CEO of Embers International, and her husband, Mako, a renown contemporary artist, will present the theology and practice of Kintsugi – and how it relates to Jesus’ redemptive work. They will also […]