Unleashing Your Board for Greater Effectiveness

An active, informed governing body is not only critical for accountability – it can also contribute immensely to an organization’s effectiveness and impact over time. In this session, we will examine the 10 essential responsibilities of a board, key elements of ensuring strong accountability, and practical counsel for continuous improvement in how your board works […]

Recruiting Champions for Your Board

Board directorship is a calling. And board development requires prayer, discernment, and full board collaboration. It is essential to have a process in place that tracks skills, highlights needs, and guides the succession process so the right candidates are identified and vetted. In this session, you will learn about establishing fundamentals, how to create a […]

Leadership and Life Transitions (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

Personal transitions result from age – as well as new ministry or work assignments. Leading an organization through a cultural transition, replacing a long-standing leader, or significant evolution or innovation, will require everyone to adjust. During this session, participants will receive questions to ask, as well as glean insights into practical solutions to manage a […]

Building a Better Board

What if your board of directors was one of your greatest assets and solution generators? A board should not only support the work your church or organization does, but help implement fresh ideas through healthy challenges that stem from their own expertise and experiences. See how building a board culture focused on innovation and honest […]

Addressing Difficult Social Issues with Courage, Conviction, and Kindness (CAFO Member Organizations Only)

In an increasingly post-Christian culture, can an organization hold fast to age-old Christian commitments while also modeling warmth and welcome? Absolutely. Toward that end, this discussion-centered workshop will start with a practical framework for organizing our partnerships, policies, and personnel. We’ll then share and discuss challenges we’re facing and solutions we’re finding for the road […]